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Stumptown Legal believes that everyone deserves to be heard and represented with expert legal guidance. We endeavor to minimize incarceration, fines, and lifelong irreparable reputation damage. We navigate the complexities of the legal system with creativity and a progressive approach.

Facing criminal charges can be an embarrassing, confusing, and intimidating experience. From the arrest to the overwhelming legal process, emotional drain can leave you feeling confused and abandoned without any help. We want you to know that you are not alone.

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Fantastic Lawyer

Working with this lawyer was a great experience. He was always prompt, very knowledgeable and professional. He showed compassion and patience as this was a new situation for me. I would highly recommend this lawyer.

September 2022

Responsive & Professional

Damien was very knowledgeable and able to explain what to expect throughout the entire process. As well as being responsive and professional from the beginning to resolution. I am very thankful for all of his help with a difficult situation.

Failure to Perform Duties of a Driver
September 2022

Very Helpful

Damien is fantastic! He helped me during every aspect of my case and made sure to completely explain everything. He answered every question I had and went above and beyond by also giving me personal recommendations to outside services that I needed. I would absolutely hire Damien again!

August, 2022

Knowledgeable & Clear

Working with Damien was very easy. He is very knowledgeable and clear with his communications. His help greatly improved my situation in very quick and efficient manor. He was always available for questions and quick to respond. I highly recommend his services.

February 2022

Great Experience

Working with Damien was great in a not so great situation. He was kind and patient and did a great job explaining the process. I highly recommend him.

DUII Client
October 2021

Great Representation

I hired Damien for a unique case which he was able to walk me through and help me keep damage/cost to a minimum. All the information he helped me understand and all my questions were answered to keep my peace of mind. I would recommend Damien to all of my friends and family and I will keep his number in my phone.

November, 2021

Excellent Lawyer / Human

I was referred to Damien by a close friend. Boy am I glad he did. Within five minutes of sitting down with Damien I knew he was an easy choice. There is literally nothing I wouldn’t give Damien 5 stars for. If you are seeking legal services you need to give Damien five minutes. I can’t imagine anyone not hiring him after that. Please believe me when I say you will not regret it. Thank you Damien!

March, 2021

Damien Was a Great Lawyer

Before I actually hired him he was a great resource which led to me ultimately hiring him. I greatly appreciated his willingness to help when I was at a low-spot. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and thoroughly explained what was going to happen and what was expected of me throughout my entire ordeal. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I encounter going through the same ordeal!

August, 2021

He is Helpful in Every Way

Damien was so wonderful helping guide me through my DUII. He made everything much easier to deal with and got me the best deal possible. I can’t thank him enough.

January 2021

Best Lawyer Experience to Date

Damien and I worked together for about 2 years, he was very responsive, informative, and kind. I really appreciated that nothing would ever be sugar coated, he would tell me how it is and he would give the quickest and best ways to succeed. I highly reccomend him and if I ever end up in another DUI situation (hopefully not) I will 100% be going to Damien at Stumptown Legal.

DUII Client
April 2020

First-Rate Attorney

I unfortunately got myself a DUI and was terrified of what was going to happen. I was referred to Damien. Not having ever dealt with an attorney (but having heard horror stories!) I was apprehensive at first. Damien was nothing but supportive and informative from the get-go. He clearly explained all options and what steps I need to take as well as what steps he’d be taking. He took care of my DMV hearing, was with me every time I needed to stand before the court. It made the situation that much more personally manageable having someone with that much knowledge and confidence supporting me and my case. I appreciated that he always made sure I

January, 2020

Knowledgeable, Attentive, & Worth Every Penny

Damien made me feel immediately at ease with my case in his hands. From our first interactions over the phone he showed optimism and a willing desire to go to work with my best interest in mind. Durring the turbulence of an impending DUII, It was very relieving to have him in my corner. Trustworthy and professional, I would recommend him to anyone with confidence and hire him again without question. When it came to meat and potatoes he saved me a conviction and thousands of dollars. When it came to the bill he was priced very competitively and made every option of payment clear so there werent any surprises and after court he has remained hel

January, 2020

Awesome Lawyer

Damien was awesome and knowledgeable throughout the whole process! I was overwhelmed and inexperienced and he alleviated a lot of my stress and made me feel like he truly was there for me. He always kept in touch with me and was willing to answer any and all of my questions. I cannot say how much I appreciate having Damien on my side! I would definitely recommend him should you find yourself in a legal situation. Thank you Damien!

December, 2019

Best Decision

After having my license revoked for three DUIs, and coming up on the 10 years where I could apply for re-instatement, the attorney that I had for my original DUI recommended that I hire Damien, and it was one of the best decisions I made. From the first moment I met Damien I felt very comfortable and felt absolutely no judgement. In an arena that is overly confusing to me, the court system, Damien guided me through all of it and was so supportive. He took all the time I needed and answered every question I had. I hope I never have a friend make the poor decisions that I made, but I would absolutely recommend Damien if it came to that.

December, 2019

One of a Kind

Damien is one of the most sincere person I know! When I found myself in trouble, I was scared to death. This was my first time having to figure this out, Damien took the scariness out of the situation and walked me and my family through step by step. He is always quick to answer phone calls and is also quick to text . He really did save my life with his recommendations. I would definitely recommend Damien to any one who needs help. He truly is one of a kind!

October 2019

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Take the first step towards protecting your legal rights. We will review your unique case and offer next steps.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to speak to the police?

No.  You have the right to remain silent.  You do not have to answer any questions.  This is an important right to exercise because anything you do say could be used against you in court.

Can I have an attorney present?

Yes. Anyone under arrest is entitled to have an attorney present for any custodial interrogation (questioning by police officers when you not free to leave). If you tell the officer(s) that you won’t answer questions without an attorney present, then they must stop questioning you. You have the right to hire an attorney of your choice.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you when you make your first court appearance.

Do I have to let the police search my car or house?

No.  You have the right to refuse to consent to a search whether it be of your car, your home, or yourself. There are still ways in which the police could search your car, for example, if they get a warrant or as part of an inventory if your car is being towed. However, you do not have to make their job easier by allowing them to search without a warrant.